Senior Sports Hall

The Senior Sports Hall is designed to accommodate teams and groups of people across a range of sports and activities. The Sports Hall is fitted with basketball hoops and is also marked out for football, badminton, hockey and cricket (5 cricket nets available). We are able to provide refreshments and areas for registration for any group. Our sports facilities as well as our astros are available for hire by the hour or day. We are also able to offer inductions to any of our clients for use of the gym, which is available all throughout the year.


  • The Sports Hall is fitted with male and female changing and toilet facilities

Catering Options

  • Tea, coffee, choice of speciality teas and juice
    Additional options: served with biscuits, served with cakes, served with pastries, Afternoon tea

Senior Sports Hall 
Room measurements 18.5m x 32m

Past Events

From Premier League football clubs to regional hockey players, the Senior Sports Hall is able to accommodate tournaments, friendlies and league matches. We have also been able to provide venue hire services and support to a range of local clients over the years.



Contact Information

Lyann Kennedy
Lettings & Courses Coordinator 

01371 822 633