Roed Sports Hall

The Roed Sports Hall is situated at the Prep School, a short stroll from the Senior campus. The venue was opened in 2009 and consequently has a more modern feel. The hall is beautifully lit by natural light during the day and is marked out for basketball, badminton, football, hockey etc.


  • The closest toilets to the Roed Hall are located in the Prep School pavilion, a short walk away

Catering Options

  • Tea, coffee, choice of speciality teas and juice
    Additional options: served with biscuits, served with cakes, served with pastries, Afternoon tea

Senior Sports Hall - Seating Capacity & Venue Spec
Price - per hour £29.50
Room measurements 16m x 26.8m
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Past Events

As with our Senior Sports Hall, The Roed Sports Hall is ideally suited for any sports fixture or training event. In the past, this venue has been a favourite for our school-run courses, although there are opportunities throughout the year for this exceptional space to be used by outside clients and organisations.


Contact Information

Isobel Nicholson
Pastoral  Manager

01371 822 633