Film at Felsted

Recently a production crew of 50 people along with a cast of 12, resided at Felsted for four weeks while they filmed a television series for Sky 1. Our team worked very closely with the crew to ensure that their tight production schedule was met and that they were assisted in every aspect of their stay. Not only were we able to provide accommodation, food, snacks, drinks and provisions, but we also offered transportation, security and a team of Felsted Runners, who lived on site and helped out with the production.

Although this service was tailored to the needs of the crew, we were able to fully demonstrate what we are able to achieve at the school through the use of our facilities and our school as a whole. Should you be looking for the perfect location for your production, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact Information

Lyann Kennedy
Lettings & Courses Coordinator 

01371 822 633