What our students say

Imogen, UK

Imogen, Summer School student

Making friends, exciting lessons, plenty of fun and brilliant excursions are just a few of the things that make Felsted International Summer School so unique and amazing. I will never forget all the wonderful people I met from all corners of the globe; each person had a different level of English but all improved massively. I cannot thank the staff enough for supporting us so enthusiastically.

Aimen, Kyrgyzstan

Aimen, Summer School student

The school was amazing! I really enjoyed my time in Felsted and made lots of friends from around the world. I didn't have time to miss my family because I liked the mix of sports, games and lessons so much!

Школа была потрясающая! Мне очень понравилось в
Фелстеде и я приобрёл много друзей со всего мира. У меня
не было времени скучать по моей семье, потому что мне
нравилось совмещать спорт, игры и уроки!

Rupin, India

Rupin, Summer School student

It was an immensely gratifying experience, each and every second of every day was memorable. I was awe-stricken by seeing such a diverse environment. I made friends with students from many different countries and learned a lot about their cultures. The staff were amazing and the activities were fun. Overall the entire experience was "lit".

Levent, Turkey

Levent, Summer School student

My experience at Felsted has been extraordinary. The staff always put a smile on your face. I made new friends from different countries. The activities, clubs, and games always left you smiling. Felsted is truly the place where learning and fun meet.

Felsteddaki tecrübem harikaydı. Çalıs anlar her zaman mutlu hissetmemizi sa lıyordu..Farklı ülkelerden arkadaslar edindim, yaptıgımız derslerden ,aktivitelerden hep mutlu ve tatmin olmu dönüyordum. Felsted ,gerçekten e lencenin ve derslerin bir arada oldu u harika bir yer.

Guadalupe, Argentina

Guadalupe, Summer School student

During my stay at Felsted I had fun, made new friends and learnt many things. I’m grateful to Daniel and all his team for everything they did for us - they care for us and make us feel great in every moment, always with respect and a smile. Felsted was an unforgettable experience that I would like to repeat. From now on, whenever I hear the word ‘Felsted’, I think about my friends; Felsted will always stay in my memory and in my heart.

Durante mi estadía en Felsted me divertí mucho, hice amigos nuevos y aprendí un montón de cosas. Estoy muy agradecida con Daniel y todo su equipo por todo lo que hicieron por nosotros, cuidándonos y haciéndonos sentir bien en todo momento siempre con respeto, cordialidad y una sonrisa.

Troy, China

Troy, Summer School studentI improved in so many ways while at Felsted. Not only in knowledge, but in the way that I live as well. It was so interesting to experience the differences that exist between countries. These experiences gave me practical knowledge beyond the class, they
lead me to have deep thoughts about cultural variation.

来更好地弘扬自己的文化。- 王晟喆

Oyinkansola, Nigeria

Oyinkansola, Summer School studentFelsted International Summer School was an amazing experience.

I took part in a lot of fun-filled activities and took pleasure in making a lot of friends. I loved meeting people from all over the world.

Rory, UK

Rory, Summer School student

I would recommend Felsted International Summer School to anyone because all the trips and lessons were really fun. I really enjoyed visiting Hamleys in London, which is the biggest toy shop in the world, and making cookies in the School kitchens!

My favourite part was the Sports and Recreation Academy, where I played hockey in the afternoons with the other students. The Activities Staff were there to help and coach anyone who wanted to play; they were very friendly and helped everyone with anything they needed.

I learnt so much about different cultures and have good friends now from Germany, Italy and Argentina. I would love to do it again next year!

William, Ghana

William, Summer School student

Going to Felsted International Summer School was undoubtedly an ideal way of spending my vacation away from Ghana. Meeting so many people from so many places, all with such diverse backgrounds, was a life inspiring event. It was a very lively way to learn with people I'd never met before and, given the opportunity, I would gladly do it all over again.