Top Reasons

A group of students in a circle rolling a tennis ball together on their hands

Full integration with British students

A unique element to our programme is that we have British children join us to support their international friends
both in and out of the classroom. They live and take part in all elements of the timetable as we know so much
colloquial English is learnt in the more relaxed activity and social areas of the timetable.

Students taking notes in class

Global Studies & English tuition options

Your child may be early on in their adoption of the English language; others may be bilingual but looking to experience a taste of British boarding school life and culture. We offer 21 hours per week English tuition to suit different abilities or a Global Studies option for our senior students who are more passionate about international affairs.

A group of students working together on a table

Fully qualified subject teachers

Excellent teaching is to be expected from a leading boarding school and our summer school is no different. We pride ourselves in using many of our own Felsted staff, boosted by some of the best external teachers in the sector.

A young boy about to serve a tennis ball

Action packed, personalised timetables

We offer a finely tuned programme that caters for different abilities and interests, promising your child an immersive experience they will remember for life. We understand that children have many different interests and as such we have integrated the opportunity for them to specialise in a number of areas. Taught by industry professionals your child will be able to immerse themselves in a number of different academies and clubs.

Felsted staff with a student

Children supervised at all times by caring and enthusiastic staff

Care for your child at our Summer School is to the same high standard they would receive if they were at Felsted School themselves. Your child’s happiness and well-being is our priority with all staff trained and experienced to make this happen.

Two students in an amusement ride

Three fun and educational excursions per week

There is always a buzz of anticipation before we head out of Felsted to experience an education outside the classroom, with children of all cultures mixing and chatting excitedly about what lies ahead. Combining culture with fun is the aim of our trips, which vary every week of the summer school, as we explore London, Cambridge and beyond.

Two students sharing notes

Dedicated programmes for different age groups

We offer both a junior programme for ages 8-11 and a senior programme for ages 12-17. Our junior children live on our Prep campus and senior students on our Senior Campus. Both are located on the Felsted School site, with all children coming together for meals and whole school assemblies.

A group of girls in a boarding room

On site accommodation in our finest boarding houses

We are fortunate to have use of Felsted School boarding houses, which have all reached the high standards required by school inspectors. Some more modern than others, all become that cosy ‘home from home’ whilst away from family life. Felsted chefs are on hand to produce a wide variety of food to suit all tastes, cultures and dietary requirements.

We genuinely appreciate your prompt and efficient support in the run-up to the journey. Thank you for making their stay as safe and comfortable as it was exciting. You are doing such great work with these young people.