Global Studies

Taught by researchers, lecturers and industry professionals with extensive experience in the field, plus MA and PhD candidates who are passionate and enthused about their specific subject areas.

Students will need to have an excellent grasp of English in order to take part in this programme, which focuses on subject areas such as:

  • What is globalisation today?
  • How can we best protect the environment?
  • How does international finance work?
  • How can we make predictions about the world?
  • Why do people leave their home countries?
  • What makes a strong political leader?
  • Why are some countries rich and other countries poor?
  • What is justice and how does it work?

For those who are interested in improving both their language skills and knowledge of global affairs, we have included International Relations as an academy option so you can do both! 



Why choose Global Studies

Lessons taught by industry professionals

All lessons are taught by university professors, PHd students or those studying for an MS in a relevant subject.



Lecture Experience

Weekly lectures on global issues including social media, borders, corruption and Fake News.

Experience a Global Studies classroom

You will be studying content, not language. Using English as a tool to express yourself and communicate with your peers about theories, information, concepts.


Challenging curriculum

Push yourself, learn from your peers, challenge what you have been taught and learn to develop and express your own opinions.



Developing important skills

Critical thinking, analysis, debating and research are just a few of the skills you will learn and develop through this pathway.


Global Studies Lecturer - Meha Lodha

Meha is based in Zurich and has a background in the Banking and Information Technology sectors. With a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Bachelor’s in Banking Management, she is a perfect ambassador to lead discussions relating to economics, finance, development and trade.

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Global Studies Lecturer - Thomas Sparrow

Thomas is a journalist currently working as a news correspondent for the German news channel Deutsche Welle.  He reports on events such as elections in Germany, European elections, the migration crisis, Brexit and the G20 protests in Hamburg, to television channels all around the world.

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