Students may choose one of the following options to enhance their learning over a two week period. Each Academy is subject to availability so we recommend early registration.

Please note that some academies are only suitable for Juniors or Seniors.

Extra English (Senior only)

Designed specifically for students who wish to take subject based lessons that are not English Language lessons. Students can select key subject areas to prepare them for further studies in the UK, such as Geography, History or Anthropology, while demonstrating their language capabilities. A real opportunity to engage in debates, develop terminology and make use of technical language skills.

Mathematics (Junior/Senior)

A vigorous option for those wishing to develop their problem solving skills. Experienced academics from Felsted School will work together to create a modern blend of tasks, assignments and project work to test the full range of levels and abilities.

Science (Junior/Senior)

A practical, experimental and analytical academy covering areas in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students aim to achieve their CREST certification, which can be included in their Record of Achievement when applying for university. Although we offer guidance for a range of abilities, students should certainly be keen on the subject and have a good understanding of English. The course involves dissection, use of chemicals and powders, making this a highly memorable option.

International Relations Academy (Senior only)

This academy provides a more focussed context to some of the subjects discussed in the Global Studies pathway, such as interdependencies between states, trade negotiations and human rights issues around the world, while also picking up on regional forums and initiatives across the globe.

For those who choose the English pathway they can indulge in some of the subjects that make International Relations such an interesting and unique discipline. It can also be a supplement for those taking the Global Studies pathway to further increase their knowledge and curiosity in the realm of Political and Social Science.

Pre-IB (Senior only)

In consultation with Felsted’s own Director of International Baccalaureate, this preparation course aims to prepare those thinking about or preparing to take on the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Structured around the IB Learner profile, the academy will provide taster lessons in a range of subjects to help inform subject choices. There will also be a focus on the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) element of the IB, how to prepare for the extended essay and how to make the most of Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

Art (Junior/Senior)

A practical, hands-on academy for our creative students, who can take on a number of projects involving the use of glass, mirrors, pastels, paints, clay and felt. Working in a fun and vibrant atmosphere, students will work towards a final project at the end of each week to take home. Our teachers have experience in working with both IB and A Level courses, and are able to accommodate a range of abilities.

Music (Senior only)

A creative academy for keen musicians. Students will develop existing musical/playing skills and play a full range of pieces with people from all over the world, building up to a concert at the end of the two week course. Students will have full use of Felsted’s state-of the art Music School, which includes a music technology suite, recording studio and performance hall. This academy will cover a range of genres such as classical, rock, experimental and hip-hop.

Drama (Junior only)

This fun-filled academy is perfect for children with an interest in acting or public speaking. It maximises the use of multiculturalism within a performing arts setting to truly give children the courage and enthusiasm to share stories, ideas and insights.

For Seniors, we have a Performing Arts Academy.

Performing Arts (Senior Only)

An exclusive course for budding actors. Unlike our other academies, Performing Arts will run from 13.30-17.30 each day, culminating in a show at the end of the two week course.

Please note that this academy will run in weeks 1 and 2 only and incurs an additional £250 charge per week.

Sports and Recreation (Junior/Senior)

For those students wishing to balance language and literature learning in the morning with sporting activities in the afternoon. Take part in traditional British boarding school sports, such as badminton, cricket, hockey, rugby and volleyball, with sessions led by our activities staff, who are trained and guided towards providing the best possible instruction. A perfect preparation for those planning to learn at a UK school in the future.

Tennis (Senior only)

Felsted offers wonderful grass and hard court facilities for players to train on. This academy is run by Felsted’s Director of Tennis, allowing players to focus their energy, hone their skills and compete against other participants from around the world. Private lessons are also available at an additional cost.

Hockey (Senior only)

As a core sport at Felsted, students have two outdoor and indoor facilities to train on. This academy is designed to allow those with hockey experience to focus their energy, hone their skills and compete against other participants from around the world. A well qualified and experienced coach will set players new challenges, teach them new techniques and leave them well prepared for the upcoming hockey season.

Felsted Summer School gives students the best and most interesting experience possible. The excursions, lessons and sporting activities, run by young and qualified staff, are very well balanced, to create a very lively and fun environment.

Jesse, Nigeria