Return to School

We look forward to welcoming pupils back from 8 March

The safety, health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff remain our priority. We are being continually guided by the UK Government and other organisations in our decision-making to ensure the safe return of all our pupils. The content on these pages sets out our current thinking and will be updated regularly as advice is given and our policies are developed. We welcome any feedback and will work with you to allay any concerns.

COVID-19 absence: Guide for parents/carers/school staff


Our aims are


to minimise the risk of transmission to protect our community of pupils and staff.


to prioritise pupils’ academic progress.


to ensure the wellbeing of both pupils and staff.

Many of the safety measures below were put in place for the Return to School in September. They are currently being updated ready for the school to reopen from 8 March 2021.

Management of Coronavirus: Covid-19

An addendum to our Safeguarding (Child Protection & Staff Behaviour) Policy and our Covid-19 Testing Privacy Notice can be found below.

Addendum to the Safeguarding (Child Protection & Staff Behaviour) Policy

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Notice - On-site Testing

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Notice - Testing of Pupils at Home

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Notice - Testing of Staff at Home