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Are you looking for a maths tutor locally?

19 year old (Old Felstedian) Edinburgh University Maths & Physics student

  • 11+
  • GCSE
  • A Level
  • or just general help

Polite & agreeable - good with children. Very reasonable rates

Please contact me for more information.

Jamie Metson
Tel: 07565136152

Elemental Grace - Yoga

Victoria is a 200hr Vinyasa Flow RYT accredited by the British Yoga Alliance and is trained in the fringe method which takes you on a journey through the elements of the physical and emotional body.

Derived from Vinyasa Flow, the fringe method has been designed to benefit all levels and can be adjusted to suit the students needs. Come back to the EARTH, to your roots-ground yourself and simply be present here and now.

Find your fluidity in the flow of WATER , letting go of anxiety and long held emotion and embrace change.

Ignite the FIRE in your belly and work on your core as breathe life into the body; encourage, inspire and energise.

Allow your heart to open as you flow through the AIR-create more openness, space and love within your being.Relax the shoulders and feel the tension melt from the body as we create space in the spine and find clarity through our connection to the heavens.

Mums and Dads welcome!
Tuesdays 8.45am-10am FELSTED MEMORIAL HALL
Drop-in £9 / Class pass £45 (6 sessions for the price of 5)
Call Victoria on 07861370014 for more information/to book

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