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Exams: Headmaster's Update 5 January 2021

We have had to make the decision to postpone both A Level and IB mocks (dates to be decided) due to the lockdown. I am sure that you would agree that is the only sensible approach under the circumstances. Meanwhile, the government has stated today that GCSE and A Level exams will not be going ahead in the anticipated format, and that assessment will be carried out in another way. We expect that this will mean Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs), so we will make a decision as to the best way to get the information for those grades (in other words, A Level mocks might be required, or might not be necessary - no decision has currently been taken). The message on CAGs is that we will be giving pupils multiple opportunities to demonstrate their best work to us (it is important for students to remember that they should not be overly worried or stressed about any individual piece of work, as it the overall picture that matters, not any one piece of work). We can then put forward grades that are reflective of the potential of each student, as well as being reflective of prior attainment. We will seek to be fair, but positive in our assessment of each individual. At present, we are still awaiting more information from the Government on this subject.

As things stand, IB exams are still due to go ahead in early May, in slightly reduced form, in which case, we will want to run some mock exams to prepare students for these. BTEC exams are still going ahead, and we are working out how best to hold the PE BTEC exam that is due to take place at the end of next week for exam candidates in that subject.


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