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Felsted List of Exam Boards and Subjects Summer 2018

Results 2018
Thursday 5 JulyInternational Baccalaureate (IB)

Tuesday 14 AugustIGCSE Music Only
Wednesday 15 August BTEC Nationals
Thursday 16 AugustA Level, FSMQ, Extended Project Exams
Thursday 23 AugustGCSE Exams

Useful Information

When and how are the results distributed?

Results will be available on the dates above from the STUDENTS’ MIS profile (not on Parents’ portal) from 07:00 and staff will be available from 08:00 to assist with any enquiries. Provisional Statements of Results will be sent via Royal Mail to the address listed for the student on the MIS. Results WILL NOT be given over the telephone under any circumstances. Candidates for whom mail service is not reliable and would like to have their results emailed to them should advise the Exams Officer via email as soon as possible.

Please note, results should not to be shared via social media in any form until after 09:30am.
JCQ regulations state: “Centres must not release results data to Local Authorities until after 9.30am on the appropriate date for the publication of results. Similarly, centres must not release press releases or statements to the media under any circumstances until after 9.30am on the appropriate date for the publication of results.”

These regulations apply to students as well.

What can I do if results are substantially different from what is anticipated?

It must be remembered that examinations can only measure performance on the day, and that candidates can do better or worse than anticipated for a variety of reasons. It is advisable to speak with the Head of Department for the subject before proceeding to an EAR (Enquiry about Result or Remark) that is very expensive. If there are serious grounds for concern about a result then the school can initiate an enquiry with the appropriate board. Details of the procedures and the fees involved are available below and the process should be started as soon as possible after consultation with the Head of Department concerned. We are only able to accept requests for remarks from the STUDENT in question and these must be made using the form located above on this page.

If the results have serious implications for the candidate’s future plans then advice should be sought from the Director of Professional Guidance, Ms Louise Scofield, lms@felsted.org.

Please click here for more information

Making an enquiry about results or “remark request”

Post Results Deadlines 2018 - A Level
Thursday 23 AugustPriority Copies of Scripts
AND Priority Remarks
Thursday 20 SeptemberNon-priority Remarks
Thursday 27 August 2018Original Script Requests

Post Results Deadlines 2018 - GCSE
Thursday 20 SeptemberNon-priority Remarks
Thursday 27 SeptemberOriginal Script Requests

There are 2 parts to the remark request process

The Consent Form - In order to proceed with ANY enquiry about results, you must sign the relevant forms, click here for A Level, click here for GCSE.
This tells the head of your centre that you have understood that your mark may go DOWN as well as up, and that you give your consent to the enquiry about results being made. You will need to state exactly which units you will require to be remarked, i.e. Classics unit 1 or CIV1D. Once completed please email the form to exams@felsted.org.

Payment - continue to the WisePay system, please click here, where payment for the request must be made before we can enter any remark requests. If you have any queries regarding using the system or require your login information please contact the Exams Office: telephone 01371 822 657, email: exams@felsted.org.

Grade Boundaries and GCSE 9-1 Grading System

  • Linear qualifications don’t use uniform marks

Uniform marks won’t be used for the new GCSE, AS and A-level specifications for first teaching from September 2015. This means you won’t need to convert your marks to the uniform mark scale (UMS).

Linear qualifications are assessed at the end of the course, so all students take the exam at the same time. This means that, unlike in modular qualifications, there’s no need to combine marks from different series, so we don’t need to use the UMS for linear exams.

  • Grade boundaries for linear qualifications

It can be useful to see how the overall subject grade was achieved. However, it’s important to note that the grade boundaries given for each component in linear qualifications are purely notional, and do not always add up to the equivalent subject grade.

  • GCSE 9-1 Grading System

The new 9-1 grading system will be used for GCSE subjects for the first time at Felsted this year. Grade 4 will be known as a ‘standard pass’ and grade 5 will be known as a ‘strong pass’ and will be equivalent to a high C and low B on the old grading system. Grade 4 will remain the level that students must achieve in order not to be required to re-sit English and Maths post 16.

When do candidates receive certificates?

As stated above, candidates receive their Statements of Results in the post on results day. These are not formal certificates but they are formal documents issued by the exam boards and as such can be used for applications to universities etc. The examining boards issue the formal certificates long after the examinations have taken place, normally in October/November.

For LEAVERS, certificates will be sent to the last address listed for the student in the school MIS, please ensure this is up to date before you leave Felsted.

For students that continue to study at Felsted, they will be sent to Houses via their HM for collection. Certificates uncollected after one year are destroyed; they can only be replaced by direct application to the boards by the candidate and will require proof of identity such as an original birth certificate and a substantial fee per certificate.

Further useful information regarding new 9-1 gradings

Contact Information

Kelly Cleaver

Exams Officer
and Data Manager

01371 822657

Email: exams@felsted.org

Alex Simpson

Director of Assessment & Tracking