Exam Information

School Assessed Grades 2021 - Results Day and Appeals Process

Exam Results Days

  • Tuesday 6th July - IB Diploma
  • Tuesday 10th August - A Level
  • Thursday 12th August - GCSE

The Upper Sixth have received a separate document outlining the support available on the day with regards to university applications.

Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades - Summer 2021
For GCSE and A Level pupils, results will be released on the MIS at 8.30am on the respective exam results days. These will be accessible to the pupils on their page. We are not able to release this information to parents, only the pupils. A hard copy of the results will also be mailed to you by first class post: we hope for this to arrive on the results day itself.

If you can’t log on to the MIS, please contact us so that we can help you. We are not able to provide results over the phone.

Your Housemaster/Housemistress (or another member of the House Team) will be in touch on the day. Furthermore, for IB pupils, Mrs Woodhouse will contact you directly too.

If, on results day, you are concerned about or upset by any of your results, please do call us.

We will be able to give more context to how we came to that grade. Please call either:

  • Academic Office (01371 822678)
  • Headmasters’ Office (01371 822606)
  • Reception (01371 822600)

They will take a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.