OF Society

Objectives of the Old Felstedian Society:

(a) to maintain a means of communication between present and past Felstedians, between the Head and Old Felstedians, and between Old Felstedians inter se;

(b) to encourage and support Old Felstedian organisations;

(c) to maintain a register of Old Felstedians' contact details; and

(d) generally to further the interests of the School and of its past and present pupils.

Benefits of the OF Membership

OF Society Travel Grant Application 

The Old Felstedian Society provides a limited number of travel grants to Old Felstedians aged between 18-21 years. The grants provide assistance to those who are in financial need where the nature of the trip is charitable or educational and will be of significant benefit to the individual and the community that is being visited. To apply, please download the application form. 

OF Society Travel Grant Application Form


OF Society Committee Members

Position Name
President  Sarah Macdiarmid (nee Rowledge, m85-87)
Chairman Jeston Na Nakhorn (e85-90)
Honorary Secretary Julian Scofield (d88-93)
Honorary Treasurer James Willington (fb82-92)
School Liaison Representative Nicholas Hinde (1968-)

If you would like contact details for Committee Members of the Society, please contact:
OF Liaison Office, Felsted School, Felsted, Essex, CM6 3LL, email: ofs@felsted.org, tel. 01371 822645.

History of the Old Felstedian Society

On 14 September 1900 a meeting of Old Felstedians was held at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street in London, at which it was decided to form a Society to which past pupils and others connected with Felsted School could belong.

A further meeting was held on 14 December of the same year, at which a Committee was appointed and rules made. General Sir A. Gaselee, GCB, GCIE, was invited to be the first president of the Society and his acceptance was announced at the first General Meeting, held on Whit Sunday in 1901. General Gaselee continued as President until his death in 1918. The first Secretary was E.T. Roberts.

In February 1901, the first edition of 'The Old Felstedian' magazine was published, and each year since that date (except 1909) the magazine has been sent to members.

General Sir A. Gaselee, GCB, GCIE, First President of the Old Felstedian Society