We sadly report the following deaths notified to us in 2021

BACON, Roger James Godfray (fd51-60)
BIRD, David Richard Anthony (fh60-69)
BIRD, Robert Harcourt (e48-53)
CHAPPELL, Herbert Frank (e54-58)
CICLITIRA, Andrew Gordon (e73-78)
DAVIS, Christopher Philip (c54-57)
DECKER, Peter Randolph (b52-53)
DIXON, Richard Howie (a52-56)
DUNKLEY, Robert William (fd48-57)
EDWARDS, Richard Grant (e60-65)
GRIGGS, Ben Alexander Jack (h08-12)
HAMILTON, Ian Michael (d64-68)
HOOK, Anthony James (a69-72)
JACKSON, Anthony John CBE OBE (fa42-50)
KENNY, Jasmine Ella (fgn14-21)
KOPELMAN, Prof Peter Graham (c64-69)
LAVERTY, John Patrick (a57-59)
LAWRENCE, Paul Henry Weston (d54-58)
LEACH, Paul Beaumont (fc38-46)
LEAMAN, Howard Westcott JP (c47-52)
METSON, Captain Anthony Richard (fch56-65)
MORLEY-BROWN, Alastair (fc44-52)
PURVIS (née WALTON), Bethany (b93-95)
PITTEWAY, Prof Michael Lloyd Victor (g47-52)
RAWLINSON, Dr Peter Marshall OBE, TD (a70-75)
REES, John Louis (g41-46)
RYLAND, Paul Marcus (c56-59)
SOUTHGATE, Anthony Charles (fd41-45)
STEWART, Andrew Marshall (fe60-67)
TEMPLE McCUNE, Alexander James (dc11-13)
TOMLINSON, Christopher Timothy (b61-65)
WEIR, John Francis Frederick MBE (c44-48)
WILLIAMS, Michael Verry (fd42-52)
WITHAM, John Connery (f44-49)
WRIGHT, John Bentley (d46-51)

Former Common Room

ARCHER, Peta (89-00)
BAUMBACK, Bill (07-15)
BIRD, Albert (64-99)
CRAVEN, Frank Michael (55-91)
ELWIN, Charles (78-96) Read more
GUEST, Harry (55-61)
LERWILL, Alan (76-96)
WALL, Jean (72-18)

Former Governors

CHILDS, Alistair (Clerk to the Governors) 
LEE, Peter Gavin DL