Professor Toby Walsh wins one of Australia's most valuable research awards

Professor Toby Walsh (a77-82) has become the second OF to be awarded one of Australia's most valuable research awards, the Australian Laureate Fellowship.

The first OF to win this award for their world-class research was Alex Haslam (d76-80), Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland. 

Professor Walsh is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence and is Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW in Sydney. He also leads the Algorithmic Decision Theory group at Data61. His $3M research grant will explore how to build fairer and more efficient AI systems that humans can trust and which will improve the competitiveness of businesses and the delivery of health services. 

Professor Walsh has been elected a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and won the prestigious Humboldt research award, as well as the NSW Premier's Prize for Excellence in Engineering and ICT. Over the last thirty years, he has held research positions in England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Sweden.  
His recent book, 2062 The World That AI Made, looks at the choices we are starting to make that will define our future and predicts we are likely to have built machines as intelligent as us by the year 2062.   
You can read more about the Laureate Fellowship here:

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