OF and Felsted Classic Teacher Aidan takes on the Eggheads

By Mr A Quinlan, Teacher of Classics
Myself and my family have always enjoyed watching the quiz shows, and in particular eggheads used to be a daily fixture. Over 2 years ago now, while I was still at university, I thought it would be fun to apply for the show, because why not?!

I broached the topic to some friends who I used to quiz with regularly, and we thought it would be good fun to pit our wits against the best in the country! Doing the show itself was a lot of fun, and we certainly gave the eggheads a good game; I won’t reveal too many details in case you want to watch it, but it’s an entertaining watch. I had the music round and as a musician myself I hoped it would come in handy, although I evidently need to brush up on my 20th century opera singers, and don’t even mention the name Donovan to me!

One thing that is for sure is that I’ll check myself next time I shout the right answer at the TV; trying to get your brain to function when you’re sat next to a world quiz champion and there’s live cameras on you is certainly a unique situation! I know that many of my colleagues in the Common Room enjoy quizzing, and we are all grateful to Mr Feldman for treating us to a superb weekly quiz that he puts together.  I must express my special thanks to him this week for including a Donovan round in my honour…!

If you’d like to view the episode, you can do so here.