New OF Society President, Sarah Macdiarmid

Sarah Macdiarmid (nee Rowledge, m85-87) is the new President of the Old Felstedian Society. Sarah is Principal of Soaring High Montessori School in Coggeshall, Essex. She was Chair of the Montessori Schools Association (MSA) for the primary sector and a member of the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB). 

Sarah attended the sixth form between 1985-87 and was in Manor. After leaving Felsted, she went to Keble College, Oxford, to study Pure and Applied Biology. She took a graduate job with First Leisure Corporation and worked across the entertainment industry, helping to hire and train staff. Following this, she was employed by a fashion business in London before coming into contact with Montessori education and studying for her International Montessori diploma at night school. In April 1999, she opened the doors of Absolute Angels to children and established Soaring High Primary School in 2008, offering Montessori education to children up to the age of 11. She also runs a training business for adults who wish to become Montessori teachers in both the early years and primary sector. 

Sarah has previously sat on the OF Society committee, having helped to organise the formal dinners for over 10 years which culminated with a very successful dinner at Lord’s Cricket Ground. 

“The two years I had at Felsted in the sixth form were a turning point for me and it was a springboard to later choices. To be able to give back by organising the OF dinners and show my appreciation of the impact the time at Felsted had on me was really important. Plus I love a really good party!”

Sarah hopes to continue the work already underway by the Society and focus on the OF Ambassador scheme and supporting those who have recently left the school. 

“I’m delighted to have been elected as President and wish to express my sincere thanks to Brian Lott who stepped down in the role after serving in the position for three successful years. I hope to build on the work already done for the Ambassador programme and find new ways to encourage those at university and in the early years of their careers to get more involved. As the first female President in the history of the Society, I am also keen to ensure that women are well-represented across everything that we do.” 

“The OF Society is here to help members feel more connected to one another and for those who are leaving the school this summer, it can help to facilitate confidence behind their life choices over the next few years. The motto Garde Ta Foy, keep your faith, is so important to remember and the Society is here to support the Felsted community.”