Great Pacific Ocean Row - OFs Making a Difference 

OFs Angus Collins (f 94-98) and sister Bella Collins (f 03-06) are currently rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii in the Great Pacific Ocean Race.

This extraordinary challenge started on 31 May and is one of the toughest endurance races on earth, pushing competitors to their limits as they cover 2,700 miles. Only 60 people (22 teams) have ever completed the row between mainland USA and Hawaii. The teams started the race under the Golden Gate Bridge and will finish at Waikiki Yacht Club, Hawaii.

Bella is part of an all-female crew of four ‘Ocean Sheroes’ who are aiming to raise £60k for the Seabin project, a charity that is helping to clean up our oceans and hope to break the current female-four World Record of 50 days, 8 hours and 14 minutes, set in 2014. 

Bella already holds a World Record for being a member of the youngest and fastest all-female crew to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2016 and you can hear Bella chat to Chris Townsend about this latest challenge in the second episode of our ‘FelsTED’ Talks podcast series via Apple and Spotify. 

Listen to FelsTED Talks here 

Angus and his all-male crew of four, called ‘Latitude 35’, have eight ocean crossings between them and are aiming to break the Pacific’s long-held World Record. Angus is also a World Record breaking ocean rower and has completed the infamous Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge three times.

Their boat is currently leading the pack and you can track their progress by visiting or by following them on Instagram via their race names.

We wish them very best of luck and a safe return to shore in Hawaii!