Graduation Profile - Olivia Coote 

Olivia Coote (bn 12-14) completed her PGCE at the Institute of Education (UCL) this summer and has started a new job as an A-level Psychology teacher at New Hall School in Chelmsford. Olivia studied English, German, Psychology and Theatre at A Level and gained a 1st class degree in Psychology at Royal Holloway University. Olivia explains how Felsted has supported her throughout her studies and describes her passion for Psychology: 

"My mum was a Pre-School teacher so I think teaching may be in my blood! My work experience throughout my own school life and university years has always  been in educational settings and sparked my desire to teach. For my dissertation at university I investigated how young children manage their reputation, through completing a research project at Felsted Prep School. My Psychology teachers at Felsted and Housemistress of Garnetts, along with many other teachers throughout school have also inspired me to embark on a career in teaching. I strongly believe that Psychology is an ever-growing subject which is gaining more of a scientific status within society as our understanding of key issues, such as mental health, develops. I want to contribute to the Psychology community by educating young people about important psychological topics, and enable them to develop transferable skills to help them in their futures both in and out of education."

Olivia was one of only a few PGCE graduates to receive a letter of commendation from UCL after being awarded two A's on her Master's assignments and work on school placements. She explains, "I have had the most incredible year at the Institute of Education in UCL and feel extremely excited about the opportunity to teach Psychology.

Her advice for students joining university is to simply "enjoy every moment and take every opportunity that comes your way. It is over before you know it but you will make friends for life!"