Former US Presidential Candidate Inspires Students

OF Howard Dean (Follyfield 1966-67), former Governor of Vermont and 2004 US Presidential Candidate, hosted an inspiring Q&A seminar session with History and Politics students on Friday 25 January.

He discussed in detail how young people today have the ability transform the political, social and economic landscape through the power of social media and spoke of his journey into politics. 

Howard was an ESU (English Speaking Union) Scholar for one year at Felsted and went onto study Political Science at Yale University. After finishing university, he worked in finance on Wall Street before deciding to head back to medical school where he graduated as a medic from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Howard’s politic career started within local community politics and quickly progressed when he became the 79th Governor of Vermont in 1991.

David Townsend (Y12) explains: “Howard Dean spoke about his time in the Democrat party and about running for President of the United States in 2004. It was a very interesting talk, which consisted of outlining the recent revolution inside the Democratic party, as more young people look to the Democrats as the answer, in response to the presidency of Donald Trump. He spoke openly and with great passion, using several inspirational quotes such as, "chance favours the prepared mind" and "the longest journey begins with a single step". He then finished by answering numerous questions which included his views on the government shutdown and the border wall.”