Senior House Sport Competition - Final Results

The competition started on June 1st and allowed every pupil to access some guided exercise workouts, explained by in house videos that in most cases were produced by some of the sport scholars. I set two challenges each week that were attainable for all and the pupils were able to upload any personal sessions as well.

This was all done through the house google classrooms and the All Round Education Website. Points were then awarded for the various sessions, workouts, skills sessions, exercises, videos, pictures that were submitted. I hope you have managed to follow the progress on the website, twitter and the newsletter over the last month. 

The final results for the competition are listed below and well done to all, but a special mention for the house winners Deacon’s and all the individual winners. J Ling was the overall individual winner for points scored. 

House Winners: Deacons

Top Individual Points Winners Per House 
Manor: J Ling 
Follyfield: Abbie C 
Thorne: Helene K
Stocks’s: Kimmy R
Gepp’s: Joshua B 
Deacon’s: Toby S
Elwyn’s: Joe H 
Mont’s: Jon T-A

Overall Individual Winner: J Ling