Poppy and Ellen's Saracens Mavericks Selection

Poppy T (Yr 13) has been selected for the Saracens Mavericks U19 long squad for the second year in a row, where she will train with 20 others girls in the hopes of being selected for the U19 competition quad. Meanwhile Ellen T (Yr 12) has been selected for the Saracens Mavericks Aspire Academy, a player pathway programme aiming to develop individual skillsets.

Poppy: ''I have been part of the Saracens Mavericks pathways since I was 15, progressing from their futures academy, where I would train once a week, to their U17 age group, where I would train twice a week with additional matches. I am now fortunate enough to have been selected in the U19 long squad for my second year now. Here, I train on a Monday and Thursday with 20 other girls and will work towards being selected for the 'competition squad' of 12 players later on in the season, where we will compete against other franchises around the country''.

I feel so privileged to be selected for Saracens Mavericks for my fourth season now and grateful to be included in this squad where I train with such a talented group of girls. I am really looking forward to the season ahead and cannot wait to see what opportunities this year brings.

Ellen: I got put up for trials by my Mavericks futures coaches, and then had a 2 hour trial that included; positional drills, teamwork exercises and match game play. The aspire program is to help players with lots of potential and to improve individually instead of just as a team. 

I’m very excited to be a part of this new programme as I believe it will highly developed my skills over the next season.

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