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National Schools Polo Tournament

by Luna-Marie L (Yr 12)

The recent polo tournament at Rugby Polo Club on Saturday 1 March was great fun and we managed to finish second in the Intermediate Division, beating Harrow! The Beginners Team also did really well, finishing third in their division.

Everyone was supporting each other and giving their best for their team. Before the first chukka I was incredibly nervous. Even though I am aware that stressing oneself out is very counterproductive I couldn't just stop being nervous until we got into the indoor arena.

The team spirit was definitely present on Sunday; I love the fact that team sport is so much about working together, communication, fun and support. If you have a personal group succeed in the end, it's just a great feeling to celebrate and cheer on each other. 

Another thing that I am very thankful for is that I had the chance to ride Manni this weekend. Having the opportunity to ride such an ambitious and lovely pony is just great and makes the game even more fun. Working with ponies in sports is really incredible as they have completely different characters. If you appreciate the pony you get and you love riding it, the game turns out to be  easier because you feel comfortable and confident. 

All in all, this tournament was a great experience and I learned a lot.