Vanessa Beale - IBDP student testimonial

Since finishing the IB Diploma at Felsted, I have been studying International Relations BA (Hons) at Queen Mary University of London in my final year. 

I am quite proud to say that I presently have a very high 2:1 Average, and I am close to my aim of achieving a First. Last Summer, I was lucky to obtain a 3-month internship in the Indonesian Embassy of London under the second secretary to the Ambassador. 

During this internship, I had the opportunity to network with prominent government officials, thus further linking me to my interests and degree. Last year I was the student staff liaison meeting co-chair, and for these past two years, I have been a full-time course representative for International Relations, and am now also the course representative for Politics. 

I am also proud to say that I’ve just won my campaign for student trustee, and will start my post as of August, in the next academic year. I’ve recently been nominated for the “Course Rep of the Year,” “Contribution Gold Award”, “Campaign Award”, “Collaboration Award”, and “Engagement Award”, which hopefully, crossed fingers, I might win. 

The positions I held while at Felsted gave me the responsibility and leadership skills to succeed in obtaining the positions I now hold at university. My time in the IB has given me the skills to be much more independent and organised in juggling both my academic and extracurricular responsibilities.


IB Diploma at Felsted