OF Scientist Wins International Award for Cancer Research and Makes New Finding


OF Tony Hunter (e 56-61), Professor of molecular and cell biology at the Salk Institute Cancer Center in California, has been awarded the Pezcoller-AACR International Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Cancer Research.

Professor Hunter will receive the award, which comes with a 75,000 euro prize, from the Pezcoller Foundation in Trento, Italy on 19 May 2018. As part of the award, Professor Hunter delivered a lecture about his current research at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting last month.

Professor Hunter and a wider international team of researchers have recently published a new cancer study which has discovered a protein that targets the growth of liver cancer cells and could also be relevant for other cancer types. The work adds to the growing body of knowledge about cellular process that either promote or prevent cancer.

In 1979, Professor Hunter famously discovered how enzymes called tyrosine kinases can cause cancer. That groundbreaking research has since led to 31 approved cancer drugs that inhibit these enzymes which are being used worldwide. 

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