OF Media Composer Wins Leading Industry Award 

OF Jasper Sullivan (fec 06-18) is an aspiring film composer currently studying Creative Music Technology at the University of Surrey and has been awarded ‘Best Original Score’ for his work on the short horror film UNSEEING EVIL. 

Jasper won the ‘Best Original Score’ award as part of the WRPN.TV Film festival 2020 as well as celebrating an additional award for ‘Excellence’ at the festival for his work on the film, which was also selected for the Venice Short Film Festival. 

Jasper began composing for media in his first year at university when he started writing for fellow students studying film and animation. At the time he was enrolled onto the Music degree but was continually questioning as to whether he should swap to the more practical-based degree Creative Music Technology. A friend approached him for his advice about a film score and sound design project he was working on for the course. At which point, Jasper knew with certainty, that changing to the Creative Music Technology degree would be “immensely more fulfilling.” 

Jasper explains, “The film composition process brought out a sense of passion that I just couldn’t compare and made me realise that I want to pursue media composition as a career, focusing on film-scoring and sound design, so I made the decision to switch my degree from Music to Creative Music Technology at the end of my first year.” 

Jasper is now in his second year of his Creative Music Technology degree and has written music for a Marvel Spiderman fan-series, student films across the country and is on course to write the music for ‘Aladdin: The Vault of Magic’ escape room; developed by the escape room company Escape Hunt. He has also submitted an entry to Score Relief 2021, a free-to-enter film scoring competition where competitors are sent an identical film clip and challenged to write an original music score to the animation. The competition is judged by leading music industry experts and the winner will see their score performed, recorded and streamed by a professional orchestra in Manchester. He is also involved with the Northern Film Orchestra and hopes to work more closely with them in the future.  

At Felsted, Jasper was a dedicated pianist and actor. He loved all aspects of acting, film and music. He studied Biology, Drama and Music at A Level and remembers learning “plenty of Mozart” and admits that although this became tedious at times, on reflection he understands the importance of studying different musical styles because it helped “lead me onto a path where I want to be.”

His advice to Felsted students is; “Find something in your life that ignites your truth; something that sparks an insatiable passion and run with it, full speed. You may find yourself working to ungodly hours of the morning and working until you don’t even have the energy to keep your eyes open. But know in those moments, that fire inside of you grows; and no gold is refined without fire.” 

Website: jaspersullivanfilmcomposer.com
Instagram: @jjlsmusic 

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