Year 6 - Duxford Trip

Felsted Year 6 Historians thoroughly enjoyed their recent trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. This visit allowed them to witness a wide range of aircraft, weapons, and vehicles, offering an immersive experience that covered various conflicts throughout the 20th century. Moreover, this trip perfectly complemented their study of World War II during the Autumn Term.

Upon arriving at Duxford, they were greeted by the sight of an awe-inspiring collection of aircraft spanning several decades. Throughout the day, the pupils had the opportunity to explore the various hangars, each housing a unique assortment of exhibits. They were captivated by the stories of the brave pilots who took to the skies.

In addition to aircraft, the pupils were introduced to an extensive array of weapons and vehicles. Tanks used in World War II, such as the fearsome Tiger and the versatile Sherman, left a significant impression on the students, allowing them to comprehend the scale and mechanised nature of modern warfare. They eagerly inspected the artillery pieces and naval vessels, expanding their knowledge of the military strategies employed throughout history.

The students were fantastic ambassadors for the school. Their curiosity and enthusiasm were evident as they asked insightful questions, displaying a genuine thirst for knowledge. 

The Duxford trip provided our students with a unique opportunity to consolidate their understanding of World War II and to broaden their knowledge of conflicts throughout the 20th century.