Year 6 Design Influence - De Stijl

by Mr D Maclean, Head of DT

What are we learning?
How designers and artists of the past can still influence present day product design.
You will develop your understanding of the work of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld.

Why are we learning it?
When designing products it is always good to have some form of theme or inspiration for your designs, so understanding lots of different potential influences can help you be really creative.

Why are we learning it now?
You will use your new understanding of the Dutch ‘De Stijl’ design movement to help you when designing and making your new contemporary softwood storage box.

Project Brief:

To recognise and apply design movements of the past in present day product design. Design and make a contemporary plywood pencil pot to be sold in the New York Museum of Modern Art gift shop.

The design of the pencil pot should be based on the De Stijl design movement.

Pupils have created their own versions of ‘Modrian’ style design work, by hand and also using their graphic design skills on their Chromebooks.


They will use this design style to create their own bespoke designs for the lids of their boxes adding their own personal touch (see images below).




They are currently working on the manufacturing of their boxes using lap joints for strength.