Year 2 Felsted/Texas - Virtual Learning Exchange



Year 2 UK/US -Virtual Learning Exchange

Our Year 2 classes, Deer Class, Fox Class and Otter Class, have united to enjoy their first international Google Meet. During the call, which was made at 2.30pm GMT and 08.30am US Central Time, they made short presentations about the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper, and asked and answered questions, sharing their thoughts, feelings and knowledge with pupils from the 2nd Grade at Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, Texas in the USA.

This Virtual Learning Exchange was put in place to form part of our programme of Internationalism at Felsted Prep. Pupils from both schools read the same book based on the themes of autumn, friendship and sharing. Subsequently, they prepared presentations of their thoughts and feelings prompted by this beautifully written and imaginatively illustrated book.This project enabled both schools to connect pupils in a fun, interactive way which helped them learn more about each other’s cultures and their own. It provided the opportunity for the pupils to read a book ‘together’ with pupils from a different culture, presenting them with new perspectives. They were able to practise digital citizenship and to develop self-awareness, empathy, cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural understanding.  

All pupils in Year 2 shared their ideas clearly, confidently and enthusiastically and were wonderful ambassadors for the school. They are now looking forward to reading a second book in tandem with Trinity Valley School and communicating with them once again by Google Meet in the Spring Term. Thank you to Mrs Cain, Miss Carman and Mrs Rooney for all of their hard work in making this project such a success.