Volunteering at The Felsted Mission Nightshelter

Last Sunday, twelve Sixth Form students dedicated their time to making a tangible impact at Felsted Mission Night Shelter. Our hands-on experience was not just about lending assistance; it was about actively contributing to creating a supportive environment for those in need. We engaged in preparing warm meals for guests, fostering a sense of community around shared tables. As well as helping in organising sleeping arrangements. In addition we contributed to constructing entertainment setups, including games like Connect Four and pool, helping to promote a positive and engaging atmosphere. 


The Nightshelter provides temporary accommodation (a Foodbank and an Advice Centre) for up to 16 guests, both men and women, some who are young and others who are older.




During our interaction with the mission's guests, we had the privilege of hearing remarkable life stories. One that resonated deeply was from a man born in Gambia. He left his homeland in pursuit of a better life for his family, settling in London. This guest served as a firefighter from 1998 to 2012 and has been a chef. His story, filled with resilience and determination, was truly inspiring. Proving our day at the Felsted Mission to be both enriching and heartwarming. 


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