The Big Plastic Count 2024

by Miss Nia Thompson

Felsted Prep School is taking part in The Big Plastic Count from 11 March! We will be collecting data by forms. We invite everyone at home to participate in positive change. Together, we can build even more evidence about what happens to our plastic waste to help put a stop to the plastic crisis.

In 2022, nearly 250,000 people from schools, households and communities across the country made The Big Plastic Count the biggest ever investigation into UK household plastic waste. It showed that nearly 100 billion pieces of plastic are thrown away in the UK each year, with hardly any of it recycled. 
The rest is burned, sent abroad or ends up in landfill. We can’t recycle our way out of the plastic waste crisis, so The Big Plastic Count is back – and this time they have got an even bigger target in their sights – The Global Plastics Treaty.
By joining thousands of people across the country and counting all the plastic you throw away for a week, you can gather the vital evidence we need to convince UK ministers, supermarkets and big brands to lead the way at the global talks that could finally phase out plastic production for good.  

More information will be sent out at the end of this week.