The Art Room

The Prep Art Room has come alive over the past weeks with the contagious and creative energy of the pupils. Challenged with decorating the Roed Hall with inspirational artwork for League Music, Y5 and 6 have seized paint brushes and paint with their usual gusto and created enormous musical instruments and flags. 
Colour, texture, collage, typography have all been explored and let’s not forget representing those League mascots in crazy creative ways. Some pupils have told me they believe their artwork is so inspiring their Leagues will sing more loudly and tunefully in the League Music competition! Never underestimate the power of Art!

Written by Ned and Evie
In Art we have drawn amazing pictures of the musical instruments we are interested in for our Leagues which are: Gaselee, Grignon, Smythies, Cromwell and Lord Riche. We have designed our pictures by sketching them on an A4 paper with all the details, then we enlarged them on giant A1 paper. Next, we painted them in our league colours, We are using the instruments as posters to support and inspire us in League Music. 

It is back to the Renaissance for the Y7’s who have explored the portraits of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, looking at drawing styles and taking inspiration from their use of line, tone and form. Graduated tone has been used to produce some amazing 3D drawings of hands and skulls. 

Written by Esther, George, Tom and Layla. 
We have been using graduated tone to draw 3D hands on paper and we have looked carefully at shadows to see where the darkest and lightest areas are using 2B pencils. Now we have been preparing to draw a portrait of our own choice inspired by the artwork of Michaelangelo, thinking about tone and form.  

Michael Craig-Martin and his vibrant colour palette and compositions of mass produced items have inspired Y8 to redefine their relationships with everyday objects. Exploring his work ‘Eye of the Storm’ they have created their own pieces asking questions like, ‘How do we represent the passage of time through paintings?’  Or, ‘When is a pen not just a pen?’ 

Art activities are in full swing with pupils enjoying the creative freedom that the art room provides. 

Written by Zach
I love art club on Saturday because you get to be creative,  you don't have to do certain things and you can experiment with your own creativity!
I have been learning how to use a dip pen and drawing in ink. I have been drawing a creepy dead tree with twisted fallen branches with my dip pen. 

So many more artistic adventures are waiting round the corner! Thank you to all the pupils for your boundless energy and creative genius!