Sustainability Spotlight: Marketing & Admissions

As part of our Whole School Sustainability efforts we would like to celebrate the hard work and commitments of our staff. This week we are looking at the Marketing and Admissions teams:

The Marketing and Admissions departments have joined forces to work on their sustainable initiatives. They both are conscientiously working on reducing print stock by digitising as much information as possible to be found on our website. They use sustainable merchandise such as seed bombs, recycled pens, reusable tote bags and wooden rulers. 

Head of Admissions, Gemma, explains the importance behind what they do; ‘Our pledge for sustainability is woven into every step of the admissions journey. With travel remaining an essential part of overseas pupil recruitment, our International Admissions and Global Education departments are exploring more sustainable options for overseas travel. Our prospectuses are personalised and digitised, only being printed on request, so nothing is wasted if content is updated. A few years ago we partnered with OneTribe, meaning that a percentage of the transaction fee from each new Admissions registration is donated to protecting trees in the Amazon rainforest. Each registration equates to 500 trees and so far we have protected over 150,000 trees. We have also significantly reduced the amount of printing within the office, with much of our admissions paperwork, including our induction packs and offer letters, now sent digitally.’  

They also work hard on reducing their energy by turning off lights, computers and other electrical items when not in use. 

Both teams encourage and promote the wonderful eco activities our pupils and staff carry out to help raise awareness and encourage change. 

Director of Marketing, Jack, says; ‘We are keen to do as much as possible to future-proof the Felsted brand and make it more sustainable. In 2023 we launched our #GrowWithFelsted advertising campaign, a creative and fun concept that intertwines several of the school’s most important key messages. In both style and content, it sums up Felsted’s commitment to providing every pupil with the space, the support, the freedom and the nutrients they need to flourish during their years with us. At the same time, the approach shows that we also take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that our natural world flourishes long into the future too, for the benefit of the generations we are educating today.