Sustainability Spotlight: Courtauld House and Ffrome Court

Each week we will be showcasing the dedication of Felsted staff in working together to make a difference. As part of our Whole School Sustainability efforts we would like to celebrate the hard work and commitments of our staff. This week we are looking at Courtauld House and Ffrome Court: 

Courtauld House have been working closely with their Year 8 Planet Protectors representative to promote our ‘Lights Out Tuesday’ initiative. On the first Tuesday of every month Felsted works on encouraging a ‘Lights Out’ policy. During this time we are actively encouraging staff to use natural light between the hours of 9am to 3pm during the winter months. This is to help reduce our carbon footprint, with every small step playing its part. 

The team at Courtauld House are consistent with their promotion of a ‘no rubbish’ culture. Through educating both staff and pupils, the team is aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their recycling efforts. Well Done Courtauld House! 

Ffrome Court are currently working really hard on embedding sustainability throughout Year 3 and 4.  During breaktimes, food waste is collected from their snacks and placed into a compost bin at the end of the day. This compost can then be used for their plants around the playground. The team have created signs and posters to help ensure recycling and rubbish is placed into the correct bins. This term saw Ffrome Court staff and pupils bracing the weather to carry out litter picks around the school.

Ffrome Court have been looking at the positive and negative changes on the local and wider environments and identifying environmental dangers to species. The pupils looked at the impact on human activities on the butterfly population and created an ecology garden.  Alongside this topic the children have spent time looking at the plastic problem and its impact on the environment. The pupils also wrote letters to the CEO's of Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose to ask them to look into the use of plastic packaging in their food production.

Well Done Ffrome Court!