Sustainability Spotlight: Catering Teams

Each week we will be showcasing the dedication of Felsted staff in working together to make a difference. As part of our Whole School Sustainability efforts we would like to celebrate the hard work and commitments of our staff. This week we are looking at the Senior School and Prep School Catering teams:

Our Catering teams are working on reducing as much food waste as possible and when there is waste, taking part in food waste recycling. Alongside this, the team are working closely with pupils to inform and raise awareness of the climatic effects of food waste. Head of Catering, René, explains the importance of their efforts  ‘Getting the food right is fundamental to reducing waste. We have managed to do so by listening closely to the food committee. Their feedback has been very helpful. We have achieved this by continually reviewing our menus and monitoring the portion sizes and the kitchen food production.’ 




‘Every week, our wastage figures are also shown on the display board so that pupils are aware of the volume of food waste.’ René added. 

The Catering department source their ingredients from as many local suppliers as possible. This currently gives them an average of 18.3 miles per supplier over the whole supply chain.




Not only that, but they are working on reducing snack packaging waste and recycling of cardboard and plastics! Head of Prep Catering Jo says ‘ As a team, we are passionate about reducing and recycling. Our food waste is collected by our waste management company and is sent to the Biogen food waste facility in Halstead which turns food waste into renewable energy.’ 

‘We have separate bins in our kitchens to maximise our recycling capabilities: general waste, food waste and recycling. We work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging we have coming into our kitchen and work with businesses that are as passionate as Felsted regarding reducing and recycling.’ 


What a fantastic effort!