Six of Spades' Trip to Highfields Studio

By Bertie H, Year 9

On 21 April, Six of Spades visited Highfield Studio and recorded a cover of 'Johnny B. Goode'. This trip was hard won at the battle of the bands competition back in September. The trip was a fascinating way to learn more about the recording process, as we learnt about mixing, recording and editing music. As a drummer, learning to properly record the drums was a truly invaluable experience. 

We really enjoyed the experience at Highfields studio and are looking forward to the next Battle of the Bands. Learning about the technical side of music and its minute details such as ‘de-essing’ - which is the process of reducing the volume of sibilance (s's and t's...or 'esses') in vocal recording.

I would like to thank Mr Staples, Mr Warns and Mrs Penrose for their encouragement and support.

We have released the cover on Soundcloud.

Click here to listen