Senior Cadet Instructor's Course

by Sissy S, L6

I participated in the Senior Cadet Instructors Course (SCIC) on 20-27 October. The course is for senior cadets who wish to instruct fellow cadets in theory, drill, and fieldcraft. I arrived on Friday evening where we had an instructional briefing and got to know the other cadets on the course.

Every evening we had time to prepare for the day ahead and socialise which really helped when working together during the day. Saturday morning we had a discussion about how to build rapport between ourselves and other cadets and staff, followed by two lesson demonstrations, one about maps and the other about different ways of moving with and without a rifle. Sunday we had another lesson on Drill with a demonstration of right and left turn at the halt, we then went into the field nearby to find an area to teach our field craft lessons later in the week.

Monday was the first time we taught a lesson to fellow SCIC cadets and they were a mix of theory and drill and it was the same on Tuesday. On Wednesday we went out to the fields to teach our fieldcraft lessons and lived off ration packs and were supposed to camp out but could not due to the weather. Thursday was our last full day and we did a section attack for fun and some weapon cleaning. Finally, on Friday we had an award ceremony where everyone received their certificates.

I think the course was very educational and helpful for cadets wishing to push themselves to achieve higher ranks within the Combined Cadet Force and would definitely recommend going if given the opportunity.