Senior Boys' Football Match Report 07.10.23

Director of Sport: It is proving to be a very busy end to the half term with plenty of block and cup fixtures taking place home and away. Thank you for the amazing support you give the pupils and it seems a good opportunity to highlight the sporting code of conduct that is on the school website, to the players, coaches and spectators.

Sporting Code of Conduct 

I will hold off from congratulating the hockey representative players this week as trials and feedback from the trials are still ongoing, but again it is great to see so many players committing to sport in and out of school. As the level of sport increases for the pupils, playing two days a weekend can be difficult, especially in collision sports. Please encourage the pupils to speak to the Heads of the relevant sport if they have concerns. We will obviously have many weekends throughout the year that we don’t have school fixtures, so being part of a club can be a really positive addition to our provision, if managed correctly.   


Felsted 1st XI Football v The Perse

Won 3-1 Scorers: Finn P x1 and Jesse M x2

Highlights: A convincing win from a well balanced and disciplined team. The hard work was evident and the result was deserved. The return match is away to Perse on Tuesday 14 November.


Felsted 2nd XI Football v The Perse 

Score and Scorers: Lost 3-2 Theo T x1, Charlie M x1

Highlights: A first fixture for the 2nd team with a disallowed goal from Kyle W, the team grew in strength as the game progressed and played excellent football in the second half.