Round Square Internationalism Prize

by the Round Square Committee

We recently concluded our highly anticipated Internationalism Prize, an initiative designed to encourage creativity and celebrate global perspectives among Felsted students. This competition, which allowed participants to explore the meaning of internationalism through various methods, showcased the diverse talents of our school community. With options ranging from presentations to poetry, art, essays, and speeches, students embraced the opportunity to express their thoughts on internationalism in innovative ways. The prizes comprised Safi vouchers for the overall winner and prestigious globe trophies which will soon be presented to the top three participants.

The Round Square committee created the Internationalism Prize to help people understand and practice internationalism. The prize goes to students who work hard to create global understanding and awareness at Felsted. It focuses on the importance of internationalism for personal growth and society. The goal is to create a culture that respects all cultures. The prize aims to show how important it is for people to unite and understand each other. 

We had many successful entries for the 2024 Internationalism Prize. There was a wide variety of submissions from poems and paintings to presentations. After a round of student judges and then a teacher jury, we decided on our 3rd place entry which went to Rory J (Year 9) who did a very creative poster on Neymar which included an essay and also very skilful drawings of the footballer. Our 2nd place went to a group of girls who presented to us on what internationalism means to them personally and their proposals for improving internationalism within the school, so congratulations to Kiki F, Thabi C, Flo H and Manuella K (Year 9). Our winner was well-deserved and went to Loretta S (Year 10), who wrote a very touching and well-thought out poem on how we should come together to better exhibit the beauty we see in society and internationalism around the world. 

Loretta's Poem:

Together is the Answer

We come together as one,
And wait for war to be done.
Together we stand and divided we fall,
Spread peace and love however small.
May we live for endless days,
Where hope shines like sun rays.
Planes should be used for light hearted travel,
Not for bombing turf and gravel,
To understand you must see,
But there are other lives beyond you and me.
People have stories they must share,
And to listen shows a lot of care.
When we travel we see the world,
The emotions we feel get swirled.
Older generations may not get along,
But this generation's bonds are strong.
The world must unite to bring peace,
Then maybe this hatred and war will cease.
So here is the last question I will ask,
Will you help me with this simple task?