Protecting Our Planet Day 2023

On Thursday 30 November, Felsted Prep School took part in POP23 (Protecting Our Planet Day). Every year group were involved with different sessions throughout the day which involved listening to the world's leading scientists about protecting our planet. 

Stewart House, Year 3 and 4 learnt to Protect our Earth and Forests. They received an exclusive sneak peak at a BBC Planet Earth episode and heard the director himself giving the low down! 

Year 5 learnt how to Protect the World through Maths and the mathematicians leading the way to change. It was interesting to hear from the Met Office Climate and Weather analyst and how they work with satellites in space to determine climate change effects on coastal areas. 


Year 6 learnt about Protecting our Forests and took a virtual trip to the Eden Project! Here they learnt the importance of forests around the world and the food/resources they provide. 

Year 7 listened to 4 leading engineers explain how they are making a difference and Protecting through Engineering around the world. We even heard from a Rolls Royce Engineer! 

Finally Year 8 learnt about Protecting our Ice where they visited Antarctica and Arctic research stations to listen to the scientists and researchers working there. They also took a trip to visit RRS Sir David Attenborough and had a look at the most advanced polar research vessel in the world!