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Promoting Positive Change in Ourselves and the Wider World

Promoting Positive Change in Ourselves and the Wider World

By Mr A Manley

This academic year the Prep School community has enjoyed three Wellbeing Week themes. Last week, the focus was on being a ‘Changemaker’ and looking at how attitudes towards change can be reflected in our personality traits. Each Phase had different discussion prompts around this theme too in their PSHE lessons and we used the Week’s Assemblies to talk about the support networks in place at school and home that can carry us through exciting, but also perhaps challenging, changes. Examples of the discussion prompts and the pupils’ responses can be found below. 

The Prep School pupils have also been exploring how the Fairtrade Foundation encourages ethical and fair consumption of a range of different goods. Small positive shifts in our attitudes towards purchasing these products, can enact change on a greater scale. Many thanks to Mr Dallas for leading on this part of our PSHE and Wellbeing Week activity and hopefully you will see some examples of the Fairtrade Fridge Posters making their way home to you this week! 



Questions that were asked

Some of our Pupils’ responses

Stewart House

  • Give some examples of change.

  • What can support you through change?

  • Changes in the weather and the seasons (like leaves falling in Autumn).

  • Changing Year groups. 

  • Changes in our Bodies. 

  • Adults, Staff, parents, a sibling, Doctors, the Government are examples of people that help us through change. 

Ffrome Court

  • What emotions can we feel with change?

  • What WOW words would you use to describe it?

  • Change can be unpredictable; good or bad. 

  • We can feel happy, proud, relieved, refreshed and calm. 

  • If we don’t get support with change this can leave us feeling powerless. 


  • What role models inspire us through change? 

  • Does change need us to change our personality?

  • David Attenborough - A positive Changemaker for the Climate and the Environment. 

  • Leah Williamson - The England Lionesses Captain. She has helped change the country’s opinions of women’s football. 

  • “Change needs us just as much as we need change for a more sustainable, positive and kind world.”


  • What sort of personality do you need for change? 

  • Does change always need progress? 

  • We need to be brave, confident, resilient, assertive and adaptive for change. 

  • Change doesn’t always result in immediate progress. We should remain ambitious but always take time responsibly to think about what it can bring.


Two girls in casual clothes in nook of bunk bed chatting

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