Prep Performing Arts in the Spring Term

By Mr T Harries

Performing Arts has, once again, developed as a subject, proved of great interest to the pupils of Felsted, and shown why it is a strong strand in the curriculum when it comes to interesting the pupils, and bringing parents to see how their children are being catered for.

Building on the wonderful first term, where the Yr 3s and 4s produced an enjoyable production of Ebenezer and showed that the stars of future production can be found everywhere in the school. We had an excellent evening of LAMDA pieces presented to an audience who appreciated just how much hard work had gone into what was laid before them. If we add this to the improving LAMDA results, we can see that drama can be accessed by all, and that the expectations of the LAMDA teachers are always rewarded by solid work from their students.

In the classroom (or rather Ross Hall, and the Common Room) the high expectations are embedded in weekly drama sessions that aim to challenge, and bring out the best in our pupils if they are willing to meet that challenge.  All areas are covered, including Shakespeare, the History of Drama, gender, technical and stage skills, and most of all, how to work with others in a fun environment, because it is through having fun and enjoyment that learning in this subject area often displays itself. This naturally feeds into the Yr 7 & 8 performance, and the numbers who audition, or take part backstage, suggest that we have so many talented pupils.

This year, it was the turn of Frozen, and what promised to be a triumph turned out to be so much more. The acting was first-class, the backstage team worked hard to support the production and the audience played its part by reacting enthusiastically to a show that utilised the latest technology to enhance such a warm production.



This is not the time to celebrate such gifted individuals, when it should be the team who receive the plaudits, and it showed that when everybody is playing their part, be it actors, lighting, dance, music, make-up and so many other areas, that there are very few productions that are beyond the reach of our talented school.