Prep Boys' Hockey Match Reports (Week 10 - Spring Term '23)

Wednesday 15 March
A strong start from the opposition woke the team up to the need for fast flowing hockey. After a very solid defensive performance within the first 10 minutes, the team absorbed pressure, and Alfie H made some outstanding saves. Felsted took the lead twice in the match and stayed on top for large periods of the game. However, the team became very narrow and this made it difficult to attack with pace and play around the opposition. A short corner towards the end gave the opposition the edge. The team can be so proud of everything they have achieved so far, with an exciting day on Monday to look forward to at Charterhouse - good luck boys!  

The U13B team finished with their best performance of the term! They worked hard for each other, up and down the pitch and kept the width extremely well in the second half. Scoring didn’t come easily! However, once the first goal was secured, 2 more came and it could have been many more! Every single member of the squad should be extremely pleased with their performance and very proud of how far they have progressed this term- well done boys!

The boys played a high level of hockey for a strong win against Ipswich on Wednesday. They demonstrated the ability to move the ball into space and make good use of the entire length of the pitch both in attack and defense. The shots on goal we had, showed the boys had really good composure and scored most of them, several off short corners. An excellent final and the boys should be very proud of how they played this season.

The U13D finished the season with their best performance so far against Ipswich! Yasin, David and Jasper were clinical in front of goal after some fabulous link up play from defence and midfield. The goals came thick and fast with no answer to the pace and passing between Felsted players. What a great way to finish Prep School hockey for the U13D team. Really well done. 

One of the most exciting games of the year against Ipswich ended with a flurry of goals as both teams pushed for the win. For the most part, Felsted were in control, finding themselves ahead on two occasions. However, it was Ipswich who managed to score a number of goals in quick succession to take victory. Credit must go to Austin S, whose selfless act of putting the team ahead of himself, meant that we spent the last two minutes without a goalkeeper to ensure we had the maximum outfield players available. 

The U12B team put in their best performance of the year against a strong Ipswich side. The boys worked well together, particularly in the midfield, where the players linked together, moving the ball well. The one goal we scored proved to be all that was needed for the win. A clean sheet highlighted the resolute defence shown by the Felsted players.  

Probably the Best Performance of the season. We went 1-0 down very quickly but stepped up and played as a team, passing the ball around and creating numerous chances. 2-1 up at halftime, turned into 3-1. Well done on great improvements made over the season.

A tough final outing, up against a very strong Ipswich team. We kept battling but were simply outplayed. Moving on to next year, the team needs to learn to work as a unit, everybody has to pull together, and if you lose the ball, you fight hard to win it back. Well done on a hard fought season.