Perse Coding Team Challenge

Year 11 students have completed the preliminary round of the Perse Coding Team Challenge, a national competition for secondary school students. The competition involves working in pairs to answer a set of increasingly difficult coding questions in a set time period. 

They worked brilliantly together, sharing the skills and knowledge they have developed over their time studying programming so far. The next round will be in January, which we are all excited for.  

After half term the computer science students in Years 5 up to Sixth Form will be competing in the annual BEBRAS competition, in which students from over 50 countries will demonstrate their computational and logical thinking proficiency.

In our co-curricular physical computing sessions the students have been getting familiar with the Raspberry Pi; a small and versatile computer which can be programmed to do many things. So far we have looked at how we can control LEDs, buttons and buzzers.