OF Helen's First Weeks at Oxford

by Mrs Donaldson

On a recent trip to Oxford, Mrs Donaldson had the opportunity to meet with Helen Matthews (fmn09-23), an OF who left Felsted this summer.

Helen is reading 'Ancient and Modern History' at Somerville College, Oxford and has only just completed the first few weeks of Michaelmas term as a first year undergraduate. Helen was animated in explaining how much she is loving life as a student and whilst her accommodation is arguably in the ugliest building at Somerville, she has the best view of the college and the outstanding gardens from her room.

She is being ably taught and tutored in her new course and adores the fact that the library is open twenty four hours a day. An outstanding singer and actor, Helen was awarded a choral scholarship at Oxford and has started to look into the Drama that she can get involved in.

In early October she attended her Matriculation; the formal ceremony marks undergraduates official admission to the University and she enjoyed wearing her gown and walking through Oxford to attend the ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre.

Helen was very enthusiastic about all university life has to offer and we look forward to hearing about what she does next.....