News from Science - March 2023

There has been so much going on this term in Science that it’s hard to know where to begin! 

Science Experience Day:

In line with British Science Week (BSW) we invited 50 Years 5 and 6 students from various Primary Schools to join us to be stretched and challenged with the BSW theme of ‘Connections’. Our guests were treated to making fruity batteries, looking at the chemical connections in slime and finding out which snacks contained the most energy by burning food!

Students and invited staff had a fantastic time and were inspired. Feedback comments received include

"I was inspired before but the day has pushed me more"

"...this day has definitely helped me in the future"

"It has inspired me with my Science leader role and the activities we could run".

In the coming week we will also be taking Whizz Bang demonstrations to Stewart House and hosting a library event.

Physics Olympiads

In January Year 12 were entered for the Senior Challenge and in February Year 11 students were entered for the Intermediate Challenge. Both challenges took place online. Congratulations should go to Ambrose L (Yr 12), Tom R (Yr11) and Gabriel S.F. (Yr11) who all achieved Gold awards. Silver awards were achieved by Shesh AJ, Daniella F and Josh T. In Year 12 and Sachi S, Niamh S, Millie A, Joseph B, Jasmine W, Anna W, Zihap, Hugo D, Julia Z. and Ava R in Year 11. There was also a raft of Bronze awards! Well done to all who entered. There are more Physics challenges in the pipeline.



Crest Club is still going strong and the projects covering crisps, old wives tales, pirate’s ships and an antigravity chair are still ongoing! Watch this space for more news next time.


This term our L6 Biology students have been instrumental in the formation of our newest science co-curricular club - BioSoc.  They have been enthusiastically challenging  themselves with some advanced laboratory techniques and producing some fantastic results in the process.  Our first session involved the students gram’s staining bacteria to help them understand the initial stages of identification and classification.  Our second session included performing ELISA tests to identify the presence of antigens in samples taken from imaginary patients. 

MedSoc (Twitter: @FelstedWork)

Pupils across all year groups have continued to be active members. A variety of practical and theoretical tasks have been undertaken and it has been pleasing to welcome guest speakers. One of the activities required identification of skulls and discussion of adaptations relating to diet, habitat and behaviour.


We were grateful to Dr Mike Apps, ARU lecturer, retired consultant respiratory physician and current Class Civ. student of GCA for his presentation, ‘How To Tell If Someone Is Ill! Classical Hints and Practice Reviewed’. An excellent example of lifelong learning.

Recently we welcomed Dr Ben Thomas, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, who delivered a  seminar as part of Lenten Address Week. It was wonderful that it generated so many questions, particularly those relating to medical ethics. 

Year 9 (IBK, Loretta and Erin) have received Head’s commendations for their research and essay writing skills and L6 members aim to get the FelSTEAM website and podcasts off the ground next term. It promises to be a busy summer term with several guest speakers in the diary.