Mathematics Department Highlights

What a fantastic start to the term for the Mathematics department! Pupils from across the breadth of the Prep school have returned from their Summer holiday refreshed and ready to continue their hike along the winding paths, sheer cliff faces and lofty peaks of their own personal “Maths Mountains.” But fear not, our pupils are not alone as they undertake this journey of mathematical discovery- supported by high quality mathematical equipment, new digital technologies and the careful guidance of their teachers they are well equipped for the climb ahead.

Over the past few weeks pupils from Reception to Year 8 have embraced this exploration working with, and mastering, concepts such as factors, products, multiples, place value and geometry. 

At the base of our “Maths Mountains” pupils in Stewart House have been using concrete objects and diagrams to explore new concepts and create firm foundations for future learning.

Along the slope, pupils in Ffrome court have been working in a carousel of fluency based activities to secure prior knowledge and expand their thinking ahead of new learning.

Traversing the crest, mathematicians from Cloisters have focused on problem solving. Deepening their understanding of core mathematical concepts by explaining what they know in a variety of ways.

Atop the peak, Year 7 and Year 8 have navigated more abstract concepts including algebra geometrical problems that include the calculation of bearings to and from a given point.

Outside of the classroom, pupils continue to develop not only their subject knowledge but also their strength of character, with dedicated academic study sessions designed to boost the children’s attainment and confidence. These sessions allow the children to explore mathematical concepts away from their class books and engage in dialogue which explores the language of mathematics. This coupled with exciting opportunities for extension, such as the World Class tests, makes it a truly exciting time to be a rambler exploring the Mathematics vistas of Felsted Prep. 

As we come to the end of yet another exciting week, I will leave you with a little challenge which some of Year 6 may be familiar with. Here is a mathematical problem? Can you explain your thinking? Can you provide workings to support your answer?
“Would You Rather?”

Answers to, and remember to be adventurous, be methodical and love mathematics.