Manor House Celebration 2023

 by Ellie Dinning

On Saturday 17 June, Manor House was proud to host their annual House Feast. The evening was full of laughter, fun and a real celebration of the talent the House has to offer. It was particularly special for all of the Sixth Formers as this was sadly their last feast as Manor girls.  

Over the course of their final year in the House, they have got to know the girls really well and can see what an ambitious, high-achieving group they all are. The extensive list of achievements mentioned throughout the evening was a testament to their diligent attitudes and willingness to take up every opportunity given to them; they should be so proud of themselves. 



However, the evening was also a celebration of the people who put their all into running the House: the tutors, Matron and her team, Val, Norbert and Mrs Barrett. The countless hours they have spent ensuring the house is a joyful place to be was acknowledged, for their dedication does not go unnoticed. Their commitment to not only education but also to well-being, even during challenging times, has been nothing short of remarkable. 

A note for Mrs P, as Manor’s Sixth Form stand at the threshold of the future, ready to embark on new journeys, they carry the immeasurable impact she has had on their lives. The knowledge and skills imparted will serve as the foundation upon which we build the future, with the unwavering support instilling confidence to pursue dreams and make a positive difference in the world. We are forever grateful for all she has done.



Although the Sixth Form will miss being part of Manor House, they are excited to enter their final year at Felsted. The best of luck to all the girls and undoubtedly the Sixth Form will be back to chat with everyone!