Manga Event in Library

By Mrs Howorth, Librarian


Manga has seen a huge rise in popularity in many demographics, including teens. There is, however, a residual prejudice among those who see manga or graphic novels as too easy and that graphic novels don’t develop literacy skills. 

Graphic novels and manga allow people to enjoy a media that is both visually and intellectually appealing. The benefit with this genre is that it can help convey a message that isn’t weighed down with text. The use of art in panels helps to push the narrative forward. This provides access to reading for people who might be reluctant to read and can also provide a gateway into other reading. 

There are a huge variety of graphic novels that appeal to different readers. There is horror, fantasy, action, romance,  relatable teen struggles and non-fiction. There seems to be something for everyone! Most publishers provide an age rating for their publications, which helps to ensure that the material is age appropriate. 

Last week the Library hosted its first ever Manga event. We have started to develop our collection of manga as part of the graphic novel genre. In order to promote our new collection and bring together the community in the School that enjoys the genre we held a break-time meet, hosted by the Library Reps. 

Activities included paper folding, creating cranes for display in the Library and also some manga art - creating manga versions of Miss Fell and Mr Townsend. Olivia wrote a multiple choice quiz which seemed to defeat everyone - so we’ll have to hold another event to see if our hive minds can solve it together.

There was plenty of chat about favourite manga series and recommendations for the Library collection. I hope that this will become a regular event.

Due to the nature of manga it is challenging to build a large collection. If you have any (appropriate) manga clogging up bookshelves at home I would be very grateful to receive donations!