A New Home for Ugandan Silverback

By Emilia M

At the successful Christmas Fair in the Prep School we, the Safi Coffee Team, asked the children and parents to vote for a name for the new Gorilla, the cousin of our beloved Roho.

There were a few choices of swahili names which all have a special meaning. Swahili is the language spoken in much of Uganda, where the Safi Coffee is grown and helps children to have a better education to provide them a great future.

The final result of the voting is: Nyumbani!

The meaning of this word is HOME which is a great name for the Gorilla. Stephen, the Head of Nyakabungo Primary School said, “We are delighted that the Felsted Prep family have chosen to look after their own Silverback. Nyumbani is a very appealing name to describe our friendship together. Thank you to everyone who helps support us through Teach Uganda and Safi Coffee.”

Nyumbani is cousin to Roho (‘All my heart’) - the Senior School’s Safi Silverback - and we hope you will be able to visit our gorilla at Team Teas each week.

Thanks to all of you who took part in that voting and we hope that you are also happy with the final result.


Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with your family.

Your Safi Coffee Team