Inspiring Trip to The Felsted Mission

By Emma-Luise S, Year 13 and Alexander E, Year 13 

Last Sunday, a group of nine students, Ms Barrett and the Rev went to the Felsted Mission for a truly impactful and eye-opening experience. We left Felsted around 4:30pm and as soon as we arrived there we started to prepare meals and beds for the guests. As we worked collaboratively, a sense of purpose filled the air, setting the tone for the meaningful interactions that would unfold.

After the guests arrived, we had the chance of engaging with them through a combination of lovely games and pie with mashed potatoes. Among the individuals we got to meet an 18-year-old girl who had arrived in England only 7 months ago. During our conversation with this young woman, we learned about her past and culture. She told us a lot about her family, favourite food and the things she misses the most since leaving Bangladesh. We found out she had to leave due to the extreme flooding destroying homes in the area she once lived. She also spoke, bravely and with hope, of the new opportunities that may present.  What she missed most were her family and friends. We were all slightly shocked when we found out that she had not received any formal education beyond English lessons. This showed us that not everyone has the same chances for education. The contrast between our own educational privileges and the challenges faced by this young woman prompted deep reflection among all of us especially because most of us are 18 as well.

After our time at the Felsted Mission, we all felt more aware and caring. It inspired us to appreciate the chances and opportunities that are given to us more. As we go through school, let's keep this in mind, be thankful and try to make a positive difference for others.