Insights to Medical Research

by Erin W-N Y10

Professor Lucilla Poston (m70-72) visited Felsted and delivered a very interesting presentation ‘Insights to Medical Research’ to MedSoc members.

She is a Professor and researcher at King's College, London in the Department of Women and Children’s Health as well as being a former Felstedian and current governor.

She opened our horizons to medical research and showed us the diversity of careers that are involved in medical research. She also introduced some of her colleagues who have different qualifications and career pathways within medical research which was incredibly insightful. One of the projects investigated the relationship between the maternal BMI and BMI of children aged 6. She also explained some of her innovative research to us and gave us an insight into what medical research involves and the importance of data analysis. In addition she explained what research she has been involved in and the impact of the research. We were lucky enough to be able to hear about research into the impact of folic acid in flour on foetal development.

Her speech was interesting, informative and opened me up to medical research.